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You Are Not Alone

At Peace Hospice Care provides medical support, pain and symptom management, education, community resources, non-denominational spiritual support and personal care services catered to each individual's needs. Our nursing staff is available when you need them—24/7. Because At Peace is compassionate, service and relationship focused, we are poised to provide an unsurpassed climate of care and support.

With At Peace Hospice Care, you are not alone.

Focus on What's Important

At Peace Hospice Care understands the special needs of those affected with a terminal illness. At Peace understands what's important. When we enter a relationship with a patient and their loved ones, our paramount goal is managing the patient's medical care and comfort. We then expand our focus to the family and those affected by the patient's condition. With extensive experience and a personal touch, At Peace provides caring and supportive attention to the physical, spiritual, social and emotional needs of the dying and their family.

Focus on Care

At Peace Hospice Care believes the patient is paramount. We understand that individuals requiring hospice care have elevated needs. Whether they are medical, spiritual or emotional, At Peace administers the appropriate resources promptly and responsibly. Our professional, trusted caregivers, doctors, nurses and trained volunteers are part of a total care plan, and complemented by the guidance of the patient's personal physician. The At Peace staff has decades of combined experience ensuring balanced, comprehensive attention to each aspect of symptom relief and comfort for your loved one.

Focus on Dignity

At Peace honors the life of your loved one and regards the dying process as a normal stage we all will experience. We respect their privacy, personal preferences and endeavor to treat them with the highest level of gentleness, respect and dignity at all times.

Focus on Home

Hospice care can occur in the patient's home or in an assisted living, nursing home or Alzheimer's care facility. At Peace encourages a home-like environment and recognizes the value it brings to the patient's overall experience. We appreciate the comforting properties of home and understand the importance of a sense of place.

Focus on Family

The family—an intimate circle of love and support—is a powerful agent in comforting the individual facing a terminal illness. Family provides love, laughter, memory, assurance and familiarity. At Peace is aware that those surrounding the patient have needs as well and can become overwhelmed during the care period. We anticipate the needs of family and patient equally and provide the right support at the right moment.

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You Are Not Alone